Troy Museum

The Troy Museum is located in Canakkale, near Tevfikiye village. It covers around 90.000m2 and was launched in 2018. The museum has three floors and displays the artifacts that were gathered from the Troas region not only Troy. The Troas region comprises Canakkale and its ancient remains, as well as Troy, Assos, Tenedos, Parion, Alexandria Troas, Smintheion, Lampsacus, Tyhmbria, Tavolia, and Imbros.


The museum divides the Troas archeological story into seven sections: Archeology of the Troas Region, the Bronze Age of Troy, the Iliad Epic and the Trojan War, Troas and Ilion in Antiquity, the Eastern Roman and Ottoman Periods, Archeology History, and Traces of Troy.


With the artifacts that were found during the excavations, the tombstones, large statues, staged reenactments, and oversized photographs are taking place in its halls.  


In addition, Troas cities mentioned in Homer's Iliad, such as Neandria, Kebrene, and Larissa, are portrayed with maps, paintings, and texts. Animation movies are telling the key ancient events such as Xerxes' invasion of Greece by crossing the Dardanelles, Alexander's battle with the Persian army at Priapos by crossing the Dardanelles, and the visits of Roman emperors.


The third floor has been set aside for the Ottoman period and archaeological stories, such as Calvert's first digs surrounding Troy and Schliemann's kidnapping the "Treasures of Priam”...