Uludag aka Mysian in the ancient era is the Marmara region's highest mountain with an elevation of 8,343 ft and Kartaltepe is its highest peak with an 8,343 ft of altitude. Its name was Olympos in Greek, and the Bursa Province was once known as Prusa. Saint Joannicius the Great, the greatest monk of the Christian East, had also lived and hermit here. It is one of the most popular skis and winter sports centers in Turkey, with its high altitude and well-designed ski runs. Fatintepe and Kusaklikaya are the most preferred ski spots; alpine and Nordic skiing can be experienced especially, plus camping, trekking, and daily picnic tours can be enjoyed in summer. The mountain has rich fauna and habitat, including maquis on the lower slopes, beech trees, lammergeiers, golden eagles, and more than 20 raptor species.