Yuruyen Kosk

In 1929, a rectangular, two-story, semi-masonry mansion was constructed at Yalova Millet Farm, which would later become known as the "Walking Mansion." During a visit by Atatürk in the summer of 1930, workers reported that a branch of a nearby plane tree had damaged the mansion's roof and wall and requested permission to cut the tree. Rather than remove the tree, Ataturk ordered the mansion to be moved forward on the tram rails. On August 8, 1930, Mustafa Kemal, Makbule Atadan, Deputy Governor Muhittin Ustundag, Science Director Yusuf Ziya Erdem, engineers, and journalists from Istanbul watched as the terrace and main building were moved eastward by 5 meters, sparing both the mansion and the plane tree from destruction. It is one of the most visited place in the region today.