Zinciriye Madrasa

Mardin Madrasa, also called Isa Bey Madrasa, was built in 1385 by Artuqid Sultan Melik Salih, who ruled Mardin for a while. The madrasa is, at the same time, his prison. According to the resources, when he fought and lost the battle with Mongol King Timur, he was imprisoned in the madrasa for a while. It has been known for its sliced domes. It has a courtyard, a mosque, a tomb, and various additional spaces on two floors. According to the rumor, the people of Mardin who were trying to get rid of the scorpions and snakes that flocked to the city, made a spell and tied it to the madrasa with a chain. Thus it has been called Zinciriye Madrasa.