Turkey’s Accessible Travel Destinations for Disabled Travelers in 2024

Explore Accessible Turkey Tours in 2024

The governmental and nongovernmental projects that have been organized for decades make life easier for people with various disabilities. In the tourism section, in addition to facilities, tour operators and hotels keep pace with it. As a result, Turkey, especially Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir, has become an accessible travel destination. Plus, disabled tours in Turkey have become popular, preferred holiday alternatives. Also, if you’re wondering about “Is Turkey wheelchair-friendly?”, as a short answer, yes, Turkey is a wheelchair-friendly country.

Here is a guide that will answer all your questions about accessible travel destinations, disabled tours in Turkey, wheelchair-accessible locations, airport wheelchair assistance, and deaf-mute translations.


  • Is Turkey disabled-friendly?
  • Is Istanbul disabled-friendly?
  • Is Istanbul handicap accessible?
  • Does Istanbul blind friendly city?
  • Can you hire wheelchairs in Turkey?
  • How accessible is Istanbul?
  • So Should Disabled People Abandon Their Travel Plans to Turkey?
  • List of wheelchair accessible &disability friendly destinations in Istanbul
  • Can I travel with my autistic child?
  • Is there any autism travel card?
  • FAQs about accessible travel and disabled-friendly services
  • Are all planes wheelchair accessible?
  • How much do airlines charge for a wheelchair?
  • How do I get wheelchair assistance at the airport?Can I take my wheelchair overseas?
  • Can you arrange an adapted transfer?
  • Are there any hidden charges when it comes to disabling holidays?
  • What happens if I am ill while on holiday?
  • Are the airports disability-friendly?
  • Are the ancient sites disability-friendly, wheelchairs in specific?
  • How you will transport wheelchair travelers?
  • What about deaf-mute travelers? Is there any sign language translator?
  • Are the hotels and staff disability-friendly?
  • What about the medicine that I have to use during my holiday?

Disabeled couple

1. Is Turkey disabled-friendly?

Yes, it is. The government, municipalities, and non-governmental organizations such as The Confederation of the Persons with Disabilities are working to gather to decrease their daily life problems in a wide range, from education to employment, from healing public transportation options to social equality issues. Annual World Disabled Day on 3 December public events are done to take attention to the issue.

Plus to meet their education needs government increased the employment of special education teachers and since 2006 home care services are facilitating both their and their families’ lives. The project “Hope House” at the same time gives space for them to socialize.

It is easy to trip to Turkey in a wheelchair and it’s possible to visit cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and so on..

Turkey’s most visited destinations such as Hagia Sophia MosqueThe Basilica Cistern, The Topkapi Palace, and National Archaeological Museum, the Grand Bazaar, and the Blue Mosque have recently added their facilities ramps, elevators, audio guide devices, and else for disabled visitors. 

Accessible tour packages for Turkey:

Turkish travel company Travel Shop Booking, a well-known Turkey travel planner, offers many small-group and private tours in Turkey.

2. Is Istanbul disabled-friendly?

Yes, it is with other popular traveling cities. The airport in the first place has precautions plus the project “Accessible Tourism, Barrier-Free Istanbul II” was maintained by the cooperation of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Istanbul Development Agency as part of the “Global Tourism Center Istanbul Financial Support Program“. It aims to provide more mobility and accessibility for a variety of disabled people from transportation to social and employment areas. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is at the same time giving free public transportation cards for disabled people and their companies too.

So many other Municipalities, in and out of Istanbul are organizing social, and educational programs for them both for socialization and employment. 

3. Is Istanbul handicap accessible?

Yes it is. Recently, numerous civil society organizations have been actively raising awareness about disabilities. As a result, Istanbul and many other popular tourist destinations have made significant efforts to ensure their facilities are accessible for individuals with disabilities. The main public transportation services, such as trams and metrobus lines, have been made disability-friendly. Moreover, the people in Istanbul are exceptionally kind and helpful when it comes to addressing the needs of disabled individuals. Therefore, it is now possible to utilize the main transportation lines and explore various attractions, particularly the historic Sultanahmet area and most of the museums, as they are accessible for people with disabilities. Furthermore, all pedestrian paths, public transportation lines, and tourist sites have been designed to accommodate individuals with visual and hearing impairments. Consequently, Istanbul can be regarded as a destination that is highly accessible for individuals with disabilities and a city that is welcoming and supportive to their needs.

4. Does Istanbul blind friendly city?

Indeed, major transportation lines and popular tourist sites are equipped with yellow bands specifically designed to assist visually impaired individuals. These yellow bands have small notches that can be felt with a cane, helping visually impaired citizens navigate their way. Additionally, voice traffic lamps are installed to provide auditory signals, further aiding individuals with visual impairments.

Visually impaired walking path
Visually impaired walking path

5. Can you hire wheelchairs in Turkey?

In Istanbul and throughout Turkey, it is possible to rent both manual wheeled and battery-powered wheelchairs. The firms offer a reservation service specifically for guests coming from abroad. Furthermore, the wheelchair rental firms can deliver the wheelchairs to either the airport or hotels.

6. How accessible is Istanbul?

To begin with, it’s worth mentioning that airline companies and airports in Istanbul offer wheelchair support, which can be requested and/or rented during your Turkey visit. Additionally, the transportation lines in Istanbul, including the airporst, are equipped with facilities to assist individuals with visual and hearing impairments, making your travel experience easier.

When it comes to visiting tourist sites, many popular attractions like Sultanahmet Square, Gülhane Park, and Hagia Sophia Museum are wheelchair-friendly, ensuring that individuals with mobility limitations can access these places comfortably. Moreover, there are wheelchair-accessible public restrooms available in airports, public areas, and shopping malls throughout the city.

In recent times, there has been an increased awareness of disability issues worldwide, leading to improvements in hotel services to cater to disabled individuals. As a result, it is now easier to find and stay at hotels in Istanbul that are disabled-friendly, offering suitable accommodations for a comfortable visit.

Hagia Sofia is one of the accessible and disability friendly destination in Istanbul.
Hagia Sofia is one of the accessible and disability friendly destination in Istanbul.

7. So Should Disabled People Abandon Their Travel Plans to Turkey?

No, they do not. Like other countries, Turkey is developing its awareness of the issue through social campaigns around the country, and facilities both governmental and nongovernmental are working to have more disabled-friendly transportation and accommodation services.

List of wheelchair accessible &disability friendly destinations in Istanbul:

  • Sultanahmet Square

Sultanahmet Square is a spacious and predominantly flat area in close proximity to vehicles, making it easily accessible. Visitors can enjoy seeing notable landmarks such as the German Fountain, Serpent Column, Obelisk of Theodosius, and the Column of Constantine.

  • Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet Mosque

Additionally, facilities within Hagia Sophia Mosque, Sultanahmet Mosque, and Topkapi Palace are equipped with wheelchair ramps and other services designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities. This means that travelers with various needs, including those with hearing impairments, wheelchair users, individuals with Down Syndrome, dialysis patients, and the elderly, can comfortably visit these sites.

  • Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapi Palace Museum is home to magnificent Ottoman treasures, this destination is highly accessible for individuals with disabilities. Visitors can explore various sections such as ‘Weapons and Clocks’, ‘Palace Courtyards’, ‘Sultan’s Clothes’, ‘Treasure Rooms’, ‘Sacred Relics’, and even the ‘Harem’ with the assistance of wheelchairs.

  • Pera Museum

Under the initiative known as the ‘Pera Barrier-Free’ project, the museum takes active steps to ensure inclusivity for individuals with mental and physical disabilities. They organize workshops focusing on various artistic activities like painting, collage, design, clay sculpture, and improvisational dance, specifically tailored for these individuals.

In terms of accessibility, the museum provides ramps and elevators right from the entrance, allowing smooth movement between floors. Additionally, a rail system is in place to further facilitate mobility throughout the museum. These measures aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for visitors of all abilities.

A wheelchair traveler visiting the Pera Museum
A wheelchair traveler visiting the Pera Museum
  • Turkish and Islamic Art Museum

Being the first museum in Turkey to feature a comprehensive collection of Turkish and Islamic artifacts, it holds great historical significance as the final museum established during the Ottoman Empire.

To ensure accessibility for visitors with disabilities, the main building incorporates a handicapped carrier system on the connecting stairs. This feature allows individuals with mobility challenges to navigate the museum comfortably and enjoy its exhibits.

  • Panorama 1453 Museum

This museum serves as a captivating narrative of Istanbul’s conquest and history. Inside, there are ramps in place to facilitate easy movement for all visitors. Additionally, an elevator is available to seamlessly navigate between different floors, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • Sakip Sabanci Museum

The museum boasts an impressive collection of calligraphy and paintings, and it has taken measures to accommodate physically disabled visitors. Ramps and elevators are available to ensure accessibility throughout the museum, allowing wheelchair users to navigate the exhibition halls with ease.

  • Gulhane Park

Situated in close proximity to Sultanahmet Square, this location features wheelchair-friendly attributes with its flat and spacious pathways, allowing easy access for individuals using wheelchairs.

  • Rahmi Koc Museum

At the Rahmi Koc Museum, visitors can explore a diverse collection that includes railway vehicles, the wagon used during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz, the Kadikoy-Moda Tram, a celestial globe from the 14th century, a transit telescope from the 19th century, as well as models like the Wright Brothers’ glider and iconic aircraft such as the Douglas DC-3. The museum also features a range of exhibits, including the F 104S Starfighter fighter and a submarine, along with many vintage cars.

To ensure accessibility for disabled visitors, the museum is equipped with ramps and an elevator, allowing wheelchair users to comfortably navigate and enjoy the exhibits.
To ensure accessibility for disabled visitors, the museum is equipped with ramps and an elevator, allowing wheelchair users to comfortably navigate and enjoy the exhibits.
  • Pierre Loti Hill

Located approximately 55 meters above sea level, this hill derives its name from a renowned French novelist and traveler who authored the famous novel “Aziyade.” It provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the Golden Horn, and visitors can reach the hilltop via a cable car. Notably, the gondola seats are designed to be foldable, enabling wheelchair users to conveniently access and enjoy the ride.

  • Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus is an exceptional ancient site known for its remarkable preservation. During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various attractions such as the Temple of Artemis, Curetes Street, the renowned Roman baths, Celsus Library, and the impressive Grand Theatre. While navigating the site in a wheelchair, you’ll encounter accessible areas such as Harbor Street, Theater Fountain, Commercial Agora, the gate and temple of Hadrian, Androkulos Fountain, and Arcadiane Street.

It’s important to note that the overall wheelchair accessibility at Ephesus is rated at 60%, meaning there may be some areas that present challenges. Additionally, the monuments have a close distance visibility rate of 85%, ensuring you’ll have a clear view of most attractions. The terrain throughout the site varies, with surfaces ranging from bumpy cobblestones to uneven wooden and marble surfaces, as well as pebble stones. There are ramps available for navigating steps, but manual wheelchair users may require assistance due to the terrain.

A wheelchair ramp in Ephesus Ancient City
A wheelchair ramp in Ephesus Ancient City

Restrooms are available for wheelchair users, ensuring convenience during your visit. Lastly, don’t forget to capture a picture of the magnificent Celsus Library, which stands at an impressive height of 5 feet.

  • Pamukkale & Hierapolis Ancient City

Pamukkale is a popular destination known for its stunning white travertines and the nearby ancient Roman city of Hierapolis. The main highlights of Pamukkale can be reached most directly and easily by taking the path from the South Gate, which is also wheelchair accessible.

In Pamukkale, there are several areas that are wheelchair accessible, allowing visitors to fully enjoy their experience:

  1. Travertine Boardwalks: These boardwalks provide wheelchair accessibility, allowing visitors to admire the beautiful travertine formations.
  2. Museum: The museum in Pamukkale is wheelchair accessible, providing an opportunity to explore the history and culture of the region.
  3. Cleopatra’s Pool: Wheelchair accessibility is available at Cleopatra’s Pool, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing dip in its mineral-rich waters.
  4. Hierapolis: The ancient city of Hierapolis is wheelchair accessible, allowing visitors to explore its fascinating ruins and architectural wonders.

Additionally, the theater in Pamukkale is accessible with assistance, although navigating its terrain may require some extra support.

  • Troy Museum in Canakkale

The famous Trojan Horse and the ancient city of Troy, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are worth visiting. The Troy Museum, spanning 90,000 square meters, is also disabled-friendly. It features smooth floors, ramps, elevators, and an audio guide app for an uninterrupted and accessible tour.

  • Beaches and hotels

Wheelchair-accessible beaches and facilities can be found in various regions of the Antalya province, including Alanya, Manavgat, Serik, and Muratpaşa. Additionally, in the Mugla province, locations such as Bodrum, Milas, Fethiye, and Datca offer similar amenities for beach and sea enjoyment for individuals with disabilities.

An accessible hotel and beach
An accessible hotel and beach

8. Can I travel with my autistic child?

Yes, you can. In Turkey and plus anywhere around the world there are no obstacles or prohibits about it. They just need more care and it may be good to avoid crowded and noisy places. So many families around the world are experiencing traveling with their autistic family members to theme parks and historical sites, zoos, and else. The awareness about autistics and other disabilities is rising around the world and practices such as certified staff employment, education, and social helping organizations are already assisting parents and businesses. Plus airports and hotels are providing services such as In-flight entertainment, Ear-popping services, and sensory-friendly menus or have tranquil rest stops where sensitive kids can decompress. 

 A family traveling with their autistic child.
A family traveling with their autistic child.

9. Is there any autism travel card?

 There is no single card that you can take it with you anywhere. But the airports, airlines, and governments have different carts and other methods to take their staff attention to nonvisible disabilities. Those carts have been used for notification purposes, almost all of them are free however you need to check airport and airline pages via the web or you may get help by a phone call. 

FAQs about accessible travel and disabled-friendly services

1. Are all planes wheelchair accessible?

For passengers with walking disabilities, the majority of airline companies offer wheelchair services throughout their journey, including during boarding, on the plane, and upon disembarkation. This means that you do not need to bring your own wheelchair as the airline will provide one for you. Additionally, your personal wheelchair will be transported free of charge in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

2. How much do airlines charge for a wheelchair?

It is free and . Furthermore, passengers with disabilities who present a doctor’s report stating the necessity of traveling with a companion can avail up to 25 percent discount for the companion’s fare on both domestic and international flights. This discount applies when the companion is traveling on the same flight as the disabled passenger.

3. How do I get wheelchair assistance at the airport?

You can check the passenger guides in your and at the target country. In Turkey Istanbul, you need to state that in ticket purchase or can make a reservation at least 48 hours before your flight to Istanbul Airport. Assistance and Wheel Chair Service will help you. You can check Sabiha Gokcen Airport or Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport as well.

4. Can I take my wheelchair overseas?

Yes, you can.

You can come to Turkey for your travel with your wheelchair as well however you need Disability Health Board Reports taken from your country’s medical authorized. This report allows you to take advantage of discounts from museums and other visiting facilities. 

5. Can you arrange an adapted transfer?

Yes, we have. Our transportation vehicles are wheelchair compatible. 

6. Are there any hidden charges when it comes to disabling holidays?

The optional activities are extra charged but they are already written in the itinerary, excluding the section.

Nonetheless, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. 

7. What happens if I am ill while on holiday?

Turkey has wide medical facilities, you do not need to worry, our staff and medical services will help you. 

8. Are the airports disability-friendly?

Yes, almost every airport is more sensitive about being disability-friendly on those days. However, everyone has their own practice and rules. It may be better to check the passenger service information pages. When it comes to Turkey here are some short ways about Istanbul Airport:

​​​​Sunflower Lanyard is a card to notify airport personnel that he/she has non-visible disabilities such as dementia, speech impediment, or dyslexia.

Sign Language is a service to ensure with travelers sign language communicate 24/7.

Very Special Guest Card aims to make the airport processes easier for those who have autism, Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy.

​​​​​For more istairport.com

9. Are the ancient sites disability-friendly, wheelchairs in specific?

In Istanbul, the old city, Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Pierre Lotti, Miniaturk, and Rahmi Koc Museum are wheelchairs-friendly destinations.

In Antalya Perge and Aspendos plus Old city are too.

 Perge and Aspendos are disabeld
Aspendos and Perge ancient cities are Disabled friendly destinations in Antalya.

10. How you will transport wheelchair travelers?

With wheelchair-friendly vehicles along the tour.

11. What about deaf-mute travelers? Is there any sign language translator?

Every language has its own sign language system however we can provide a translator who knows International Sign Language. So you may choose to travel with your own sign language translator or if you know International Sign Language you may travel with ours just let us know previously.

12. Are the hotels and staff disability-friendly?

Yes, they are. The hotels which are in our itinerary/tours are preferred specifically which means that they have disability-friendly rooms, lifts, and educated staff (physically).

13. What about the medicine that I have to use during my holiday?

You can use your medicine during your holiday but do not forget your medical report which may be asked at the airport or in any other unexpected situations.

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