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13 Days Yugoslavia Long Tour13 Days Yugoslavia Long Tour

13 Days Yugoslavia Long Tour

This tour of the Balkans covers 5 countries Croatia, Serbia, N.Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro and five of its capital cities Zagreb, Belgrade, Sofija, Skopje and Tirana. It brings you to important places of former Yugoslavia´s president Tito. Then takes you to somehow less visited but beautiful and interesting Bulgaria and then back to former Yugoslavia into Northern Macedonia. Its mountains and lakes will make you feel you are in the Alps, Orthodox churches and mosques will tell you you´re not. You´ll see some of the finest examples of medieval remains of the Otoman presence in the Balkans, you´ll see Venetian influences and their fine architecture. And you are going to realize ancient Greeks and Romans have considered this part of Europe rich and must have. Yes, from historical view point this tour is an eye opener. You´ll see some of the finest parts of Adriatic coast line and you´ll end up in magnificent bay of Kotor. In the area of Dubrovnik, which gives you the opportunity to extend your stay on the Adriatic in one of the fine towns of this area.

Tour TypePrivate
DestinationsBelgradeNovi SadBelgradeSkopjeOhridTiranaPodgoricaCetinjeBudvaPodgoricaZlatar, KosaticaTara mountainSarajevoMostarPočiteljTrebinjeDubrovnikSplitTrogirZadarPlitvice Lakes National ParkZagrebLjubljanaBledBohinj LakeMaribor
Stars inBelgrade
Ends inMaribor
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13 Days Yugoslavia Long Tour
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13 Days, 26 Destinations
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