Ciragan Palace Tours

Ciragan Palace was built around 1871’s on the ruins of the old, wooden palace by Sultan Abdulaziz, to architects Sarkis Balyan and his partner Kirkor Narsisyan. While the other palaces designed as the baroque, rococo, and classical architectural styles Cıragan in contrast embraces the east style, North African Islamic Architecture actually.


The palace is rising on 40 columns and one of its doors which was oriented by handcraft Vortik Kemhacıyan, worth a thousand gold was gifted to Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany by Sultan Abdulhamid II. It was used as a Parliament Building around 1909 and fire with Sultan Abdulhamid’s collection which includes Rembrandt and Ayvazovski’s paintings too. Until 1987 it was a ruin and by being restored it become a hotel.

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