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Black Friday is a good opportunity to buy what you need with different amounts of discounts. But there is no need to wait for it anymore; many countries around the world are organizing colorful, sparkling shopping festivals. While you can buy original gifts and goods on your travel, you can prefer to go on a holiday that focuses directly on shopping, not a part of it.

Shopping may be the most enjoyable part of every trip. It is always difficult to choose between hand-made goods, authentic weavings, ceramics with traditional motifs, spices, colorful decoration stuff, etc. The bazaars, along with their historical buildings, little cute boutiques, and open-area markets in which the native people sell their products, are good opportunities to buy original stuff after a city tour. Exploring New York with a shopping tour, shopping in Antalya tours, Sydney outlet shopping tours or indulging in shopping tours in France offers unique and delightful experiences for avid shoppers.

Countries around the world are now organizing shopping festivals with different themes. Various shopping options can be found under this concept. You can directly go to a shopping festival or combine it with cuisine tours. So you can go to local bazaars after you add authentic recipes to your menu in the cooking classes, or just plan your trip based on a shopping destination. 
 Top 5 Best Shopping Festivals:

  1. Cannes Shopping Festival, France
  2. The Dubai Shopping Festival
  3. The Great Singapore Sale
  4. Outlet Shopping Festival, USA
  5. Istanbul Shopping Festival, Turkey

Luxury items, electronics, handicrafts, carpets, high-end handbags, gold, jewelry, clothes, and more can be found at these festivals.