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Wife, mother, child, educator, nurse, chef...Women deserve more than a holiday. Here are some privileges for women who are adding value to everything they touch. The women's art branch aims to create a space for women with its rich content both domestically and abroad. While the events take first place in the category, relaxing, learning, communication, and art offer them various alternative holiday themes.

While all the destinations are listed on the web, women can find ceramic, cooking, or wine classes through their interests. The ones who are searching for more energetic activities can prefer outdoor events such as rafting, hot balloon flights, paragliding, and the grape harvest, which may sound better if it is autumn. Plus, all the destinations and concepts can be combined for a single trip, or if you have a girl group who wishes to travel and collect memories together, you can make group reservations. Or let’s have a bachelorette party with an adventure abroad. Travel for 1-10 days, learn belly dancing, try some fruit wine, or shop for the most exotic species and incense at the Grand Bazaar.

By observing yourself, you can either inspire your children for retirement, Mother's Day, or birthday gifts. Museums, Turkish baths under a historical dome, a spa, music, dance, drinks, cooking classes, fashion shows, and festivals... It is all up to your imagination. We can only promise that you will be renewed on the way back.