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In winter, cold, rain, and snow are not obstacles to holidays. Winter, for those who love skiing, snow, and the view of everything covered with snow, may be a good, indispensable holiday alternative. When it comes to winter tourism, skiing holidays are unique in that you can have fun with your children in a snowball fight (all children love it) or compete with your friends on the ski run. Ski Holidays offers outdoor activities as a plus, such as winter hiking, tobogganing, snowboarding, ice climbing, ice fishing, etc. You can go winter hiking and admire the impressive snow-covered nature. A snowboard might be an alternative for adrenalin, or you can push your balance and limits on ice climbing.

Ski vacations do not only provide outdoor activities; depending on the region and time period, art exhibits, concerts, and even carnivals may be available. Furthermore, ski vacation facilities offer the same level of luxury as summer vacations. It also provides a pool, sauna, massage, Turkish bath, and a delicious menu of amenities like on any other kind of holiday.

Here are some of the best destinations chosen by TravelShop Booking: In Turkey, Palandoken has one of the longest and steepest ski runs in the world, even allowing the winter Olympics to be organized. Zermatt in Switzerland has 54 ski runs for both professionals and amateurs, with icy surfaces for ice climbing. Cortina is another destination in Italy. In February, Dolomiti Carnival is organized, and you can find music, art, and gourmet flavors on your ski holiday.

Find fantastic ski trip deals for 2024, perfect for families and beginners looking to enjoy memorable ski holidays together. Consider a ski touring holiday in Norway for a unique and adventurous experience amidst stunning landscapes.