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The amount of international transportation is growing due to educational, business, social, and holiday needs, and long breaks at the airport are a waste of time; they may even become a nightmare. The airline companies, however, find a way to turn this disadvantaged situation into an advantage by establishing cooperation with the tourism agents. If you have a break due to a variety of problems, you can spend this time discovering the hub city where the airport is located.

Passengers with more than a 24-hour layover can now become "stay-over tourists" thanks to a collaboration between airlines, airports, and tourism organizations. The best way to understand this theme is to answer the question, "how long is your airline break, 24 hours or more?" If the answer is yes, you can take a stopover tour without extra airfare. The stopover packages with various options allow tourists to experience a city tour for 1 day to a week in a hub city. So you can spend your time in a city like a tourist with all the accommodation, local transportation, and entertainment options and services of a tourist instead of being a prisoner in the airport.

Multi-city itineraries can be considered if the break is more than 24 hours with the variety of alternative tour programs from the category, and the best with this branch is that there is no extra airfare, but all other city tour services are included.