Better, smarter with the Guaranteed Departure Tours

In modern life, this traffic age is required to be fast, punctual, and super strong in every area of life. We can only relax in our homes or on holidays. So booking a voyage and being sure that it is not going to be canceled as long as extreme circumstances are a plus for everyone.

The Guaranteed Departure Tours are a solution when it comes to being sure that you will never need to postpone your vacation. The best and the most attractive feature of it is that only 2 people, you and 1 more person are enough to run. That means that in some cases the tour agency is working only for you and your girl/boyfriend or for you and one of your family members. What a private service!

With Guaranteed Departure Tours you will never need to cancel your trip again because only 2 participants are enough for it to run and of course with 15 years of tour operator experience. When you plan your tour as in the category Guaranteed Departure Tour be sure that your travel will not be canceled as long as there are extreme, big, and unexpected situations.

Guaranteed Departure Tours
Still have questions about Guaranteed Departure Tours?

question icon  Why Offer Guaranteed Departures?

We understand that you have gone to considerable lengths to arrange your vacation. We realize how difficult it is to arrange a trip. It takes time and effort to schedule time off work, arrange flights, and book accommodations. That's why, once at least two individuals have signed up for a small-group tour, we always go ahead and run it.

question icon  Why choose TravelShop Booking?

We have been designing and performing Guaranteed Departure Tours for over 15 years, and it is very essential to us that our guests repeat their experiences with us and leave each trip happy. TravelShop Booking provides excellent service both before and after trips, ensuring that you receive the finest possible support from knowledgeable advisers.

question icon  May I cancel my Guaranteed Departure Tour?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we can cancel your vacation. You do not need to be concerned about canceling your tours with us.
Please see the link below for further information on the applicable terms and conditions.

question icon  What if there's only 2 people on my tour?

Believe it or not, we do run tours every now and then with only two people. We will notify you in advance if you are booked on a tour with only one other person. We understand that small-group travel is an important aspect of your holiday.