Latvia Tours

Latvia is sandwiched between Estonia to the north and Lithuania to the south on the Baltic Sea. It is also bordered by Russia and Belarus. 45% of the country is covered by natural forests and the coastline covers a distance of 500 kilometres/310 miles, one-third of the countries outline. It consists of long sandy beaches behind which are pine forests and dunes which can be seen on a Latvia vacation. 

It is a country rich in history, culture and architecture. In 2014, Latvia’s capital, Riga, was the European Capital of Culture. The country is also famous for its folk singing and every 5 years holds the Latvian Song and Dance Festival. There are two opera festivals annually in Riga and Sigulda. 

Riga draws the largest number of visitors on a Latvia vacation and not surprisingly. Its old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a fascinating area of winding cobblestone streets. There is a good choice of museums and art galleries, a vibrant nightlife and many pleasant restaurants and cafes. Riga has the largest concentration of German Art Nouveau architecture.

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