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Batman is lying around the Tigris river that the river giving life to those steppes. 11.000 years old Hasankeyf ruins even if a great part of them was under the Ilica Dam cave houses are still can be visited.

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Best of Eastern Turkey 9 Day TourBest of Eastern Turkey 9 Day Tour

Best of Eastern Turkey 9 Day Tour

Uncover the Hidden Gems of Eastern Turkey: Switzerland-esque Valleys, Ancient Ruins, and Majestic Landscapes Await! Embark on a 9-day journey to the top 9 must-see attractions in East Turkey. From the awe-inspiring statues of Nemrut to the 8,000-year-old Gobeklitepe, prepare to be amazed. Marvel at Mardin's hillside beauty, explore the Seljuk Empire's glorious history in Ahlat, and set foot on Akdamar Island's Holy Cross Cathedral. Don't miss the breathtaking Ishakpasa Palace and the captivating Ani Ruins. Immerse yourself in the fresh airs of Trabzon and Rize's high steppes.

Tour TypePrivate
DestinationsNemrut MountSanliurfaMardinBatmanHasankeyfAhlat MuseumAkdamarDogubayazitKarsArtvinRizeAyderTrabzonIstanbul
Stars inNemrut Mount
Ends inIstanbul
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Best of Eastern Turkey 9 Day Tour
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The city is like a city of bridges, Memikhan, Malabadi which is considered to be the twin of the Mostar Bridge will salute you while Imam Abdullah lodge offers peace. Zeynel Bey mausoleum which seems like rising in the middle of nowhere will impress you with its typical Seljuk period architectural features. This authentic travel may end with delicious local cuisine such meals Damascus pastry, stuffed ribs, Leben soup, and havdel for dessert.