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Sivas is a literally unique destination in Turkey for thermal and health tours. On the Sivas Thermal and Health Tour, you can visit Kangal Balikli Thermal Springs, a very special thermal facility that serves travelers and alternative medical treatment enthusiasts. It has been known that the thermal springs are the only natural treatment centers for psoriasis and eczema diseases around the world. Visitors heal with "doctor fishes" in the springs' selenium-rich water.

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Daily Sivas Health TourDaily Sivas Health Tour

Daily Sivas Health Tour

Kangal Balikli Thermal Springs - It is the preferred fish spa for the treatment of psoriasis and a few patients with its water, which is the only species of fish in the world, having a genetics that can live at 37 degrees, 13 kilometers away from Kangal district in Sivas. 

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Daily Sivas Health Tour
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